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USA: Government funded Level 2 chargers for your home

I’ve only been to one meeting of the NTEAA, so you all may be aware of this, But the federal government has funded a program (to the tune of $93M) to jump start electric vehicle sales (pun intended) in areas with high air pollution. It turns out, the DFW area qualifies.

The program covers the cost of a 240 volt charging station and up to $400 in installation costs!

On the program website, there is a place you can enter your zip code to see if you qualify. I did so and found EV owners in Colleyville qualify for the program. I recently applied by filling out a survey that covered the sort of vehicle I have (Chevy Volt), what my electric service is like (main & secondary panel in the garage), etc.

I was contacted by a local electrician who works with the program. He is coming to my home tomorrow morning to perform an on-site survey to determine what has to be done to get everything installed and what the total installation cost will be. After the on-site, he told me he contacts SPX with his report and the next step is installation of the charger and an additional 240V circuit, if necessary (it will be).

What you have to agree to, is anonymously gathered information about how often you charge, what time of day you charge, etc. They use your Internet connection to send this data. This is done to help determine what the infrastructure will have to be to support widespread adoption of EVs.

You may have all been aware of this and I apologize if this is old news. My Volt salesperson was unaware of the program, so I thought it best to send this out.

Richard D. ‘Buzz’ Smith
Source NTEAA


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