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USA: Gas station of the future sans gasoline

NEW BERLIN- You could call it the gas station of the future, except there is no gasoline. Electric charging stations are starting to pop up across southeast Wisconsin.

Julie Stephens noticed two reserved parking spaces in the Kohls parking lot while she was shopping at the Bayshore Mall, “I glanced at it, I looked again to see what it was.”

Stephens tells TODAY’S TMJ4’s Jesse Ritka she had never seen the electric vehicle charging station before, “It takes up some spots and they don’t seem to be used that much but hopefully it’s something that people will start using and the spots will be filled.”

And that’s exactly what ABB Inc. in New Berlin is hoping for, they just starting producing a different kind of electric vehicle charger.

Manager Andy Bartosh is on ABB’s EV Charging Infrastructure team and expects the charging stations to become a more common sight, “We’ve got projections showing 10-30 percent of cars being electric in the next 10-20 years so I think that’s where we’re planning on the growth being and helping push it.”

And they are pushing the time it takes to charge electric cars. Most charging stations nationwide, like the ones in the Kohls parking lot, will take up to eight hours to fully charge an electric vehicle, but ABB’s Terra 51 Fast Charger cuts that time down to 20 minutes.



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