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USA: Electric Cadillac Spotted Testing

The Chevy Volt finally seems to be hitting its stride, setting a record sales month in August with over 2,800 units sold. That is good news for GM, which is working on a luxury version of the Volt called the Cadillac ELR. So far all we’ve had are a few concept drawings to go off of, but now we’ve got some real live spy shots.

These pictures come from the gearheads over at Motor Authority, who so wanted to see the new Cadillac version of the Volt that they camped out on one of GM’s oft-used test routes. And the pictures they snapped reveal a coupe not unlike the concept car with a big, bold front fascia and a shapely fastback design.

Suffice to say, I like what I see.

Rumors have swirled around the Cadillac ELR, including the passing fancy that it may even be rear-wheel drive. That seems doubtful given the front-wheel drive nature of the Chevy Volt, but there is no saying GM won’t seek to boost the driving performance of its luxury plug-in hybrid. Electric range may be longer, or shorter than the Volt, which got its own range boost this year. The extra cost of the Cadillac could go towards a bigger battery, among other things.
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