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USA: CODA: We Have 1,000 Reservations, And We Are Going To Take 15% Of The EV Market

CODA has been flying under the radar since it puts its 88 mile (EPA) all electric sedan on sale in May of this year, and the company says that was its plan all along. To begin with a “soft” start.

Well, no more.

Coda Dealerships – Still A Touch Small And Regional To Sell 3,000 Sedans

CODA states that it has just recently delivered its 100th car, and that the company is getting serious by adding more dealers, additional marketing and more production.

“March through July was a soft launch; new car, new company, new manufacturing process, new everything. Now as we get into real production ramp-up we need to add some dealers.” – Chief Executive Officer Phil Murtaugh

In addition to more production for the US (much of the car and the battery are built in China), CODA is looking to expand its dealership network from the five it currently has to thirty.

While the company won’t say how many CODA sedans they will sell now that they ‘are serious‘ about the business, they do state they expect to take 15% of the non-luxury electric vehicles sales. Clearly the company does not want to have to compete against the 20,000 Model S EVs that Tesla says it will put out next year.


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