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USA: CODA Hopes To Expand EV Sales With Broader Dealer Network

As one of the less talked about electric automakers, Coda is struggling to find a marketplace for its innovative-if-boring take on electric sedans. But the California-based automaker plans to take its electric car nationwide in the coming year, working up to a 30-dealer network that spans coast to coast.

Coda has to-date delivered around just 100 sedans during its California-only “soft launch.” The company reportedly has over 1,000 pre-orders for the EV sedan, which utilizes a body built in China but a battery pack installed in America. That’s not bad, but far from where the company hopes to be, seeking to capture 15% of the “non-luxury” EV market.

With 88 miles of EPA-rated range, the Coda sedan has a good bit more mileage than competition like the Nissan Leaf and Mitsubishi i. With a $37,250 price tag, the Federal Tax Credit brings the cost of the Coda to just under $30,000. So on paper its competitive, but without an extensive dealer network, it will be difficult to get cars into the hands of consumers.


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