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USA: ChargePoint JumpStart™ Program

Don’t miss out on this limited time opportunity! ChargePoint is giving away electric vehicle charging stations for the workplace. Applications must be submitted by Monday, October 15, 2012.

What’s in the offer?

Free CT2100 (dual Level 1 and 2) charging station
Free ChargePoint service plan software for one year
Standard one-year hardware product warranty
Low and discounted installation from a preferred partner

Qualification Criteria

Must be a new ChargePoint customer
Must have a minimum of 50 employees at the location
Must submit an application no later than October 15, 2012

PDF Download ChargePoint JumpStart Program Brochure

PDF Download ChargePoint JumpStart Program Application

Read the program FAQs.

Please complete the form below and tell us the appropriate decision-maker or recommender to discuss this opportunity with at your company. Some examples are people in management positions involved with: sustainability, facilities, benefits, finance, and even your boss.

Note: The contact person you indicate in the form below will receive an e-mail with an attachment of the JumpStart Program Application. It’s possible that your e-mail security may remove the attachment and we recommend that you download both the Brochure and Application from this page.
First Name
Last Name
In the comment field below, please provide YOUR name and any other info we can reference to discuss with your company contact (i.e. do you currently own or are you planning to drive an EV, how many employees drive EVs).


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