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USA: 2012 Tesla Model S Servicing: When, Where, How Much

We all known the 2012 Tesla Model S Signature Series Sedan commands a premium price tag of nearly $100,000.

But what about service costs? How much does it cost to keep Tesla’s flagship sedan in top form? And just where does that servicing take place?

In the latest Tesla Motors blog post, Joost de Vries, president of global service at Tesla, explains all.

$600 a year or 12,500 miles

Although Tesla is keen to point out that the 2012 Model S is a low-maintenance vehicle, it sets a 12,500-mile, or 1-year service schedule, whichever is soonest.

While there are no spark plugs, oil filters or exhaust systems to check however, de Vries quotes the annual service as costing $600, per year, including all wear and tear parts, excluding tires.

As part of the service, Tesla technicians will check the car from top to bottom, replacing every worn part except tires for free.

Six 2012 Tesla Model S cars at

Six 2012 Tesla Model S cars at

$1,900 for four years

Keen to entice its customers back year after year, Tesla also offers a pre-paid four-year service plan for $1,900.

Payable 30 days after a customer’s Model S Sedan is delivered, it covers all servicing costs and annual inspections, excluding tires, for a period of four years or 50,000 miles, whichever is soonest.


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