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Toyota RAV4 EV rated at 78/74 MPGe by EPA

Codeveloped with Tesla, the Toyota RAV4 EV goes on sale next week for just under $50,000

The numbers are in on the Toyota RAV4 EV, which goes on sale September 24. The EPA rates this EV SUV at 78 MPGe city, 74 MPGe highway, and says it has a 103-mile range.

Since the RAV4 is the only all-electric production SUV currently available, it has no direct competition. Still, its MPGe ratings compare reasonably well with other EVs. The Nissan Leaf is rated at 106 MPGe city, 92 MPGe highway, and has a 73-mile range. While the RAV4 isn’t exactly a Hummer, it is bigger than the Leaf, so a bit of an MPGe deficit is expected.

Beating the Leaf’s range by 30 miles per charge is very impressive, and it matches Toyota’s original claim of a 100-mile range. The battery pack takes six hours to charge on a Level 2 (240v) charging system.

The RAV4 EV may be an SUV, but it will only be offered with front-wheel drive.

Toyota says the RAV4 EV will do 0 to 60 mph in 8.6 seconds, or 7.0 seconds in sport mode. The Leaf does it in 9.4 seconds. The RAV4’s fleetness is probably due to its 154 horsepower electric motor; the Leaf only has 107 hp.



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