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Tesla Motors revolutionizes the electric car with the Supercharger network

The Tesla Model S is already an amazing electric car, but it became extremely more valuable with today’s unveiling of the Supercharger network which will allow coast-to-coast trips with an electric car, powered for free from sunlight.

Calling it a historic moment, Elon Musk, Chairman and CEO of Tesla Motors, unveiled plans for the Supercharger network. As expected it is a network of charging stations that will be installed across the U.S. integrated with solar panels, but what wasn’t expected is the cost. Free. As Musk said during the presentation, if you pack your food and stay with friends, you will be able to drive from LA to New York and leave your wallet at home because you won’t spend any money. To take a long distance road trip, in an electric car, paying nothing for fuel, and your fuel is sunlight, is going to completely change the conceptualization of electric vehicles. Has Tesla Motors completely upstaged the whole of the automobile industry?

One marvels at the audacity of this plan, and wonders how the company can possibly pull this off. But first, let’s go over what was revealed.


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