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Tesla details service plans, software updates for Model S

Several years ago Tesla began designing Model S from the ground up, re-imagining what a car could be. Then we enhanced the car-buying experience, creating stores to inform and delight customers. Now that Model S is on the road, we are bringing 21st century service to our customers as well. First, forget everything you know about service at a traditional dealership. This is different. We specifically designed Tesla Service around the advantages and opportunities made possible by Model S.


Because our customers reserve Model S in advance, we already know where the first 12,200 cars will be delivered. This makes it possible for us to open service centers where we know the highest density of Model S will be located. From San Diego to Montreal, Miami to Vancouver, we are almost tripling the number of Tesla Service Centers. By March 1st of next year, more than 90 percent of all current Model S reservation holders in North America will be within 100 miles of a Tesla Service Center and more than 80 percent will be within 50 miles. When it comes to servicing your Model S, we are making convenience a priority.

Tesla Service Centers do not look like your typical auto shop – the floors are spotless and the air is free of exhaust. They are uniquely equipped to provide the exact service your state-of-the-art vehicle needs.


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