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Symposium outlines 2020 sustainability goals

Aiming to integrate sustainability with UT’s needs and identity, UT officials met Friday and presented additions to the campus master plan designed to make the University more environmentally friendly.

Members of the UT community presented research and proposals at the University’s third annual sustainability symposium Friday. David Rea, campus planning and capital projects management director, said UT is focusing on eight areas to accommodate population growth and revitalize the core campus using sustainable methods. There are three phases to the plan, including identifying campus needs, exploring sustainability options and review and implementation of the final plan. UT is currently in the first phase of the plan and hopes to implement it in upcoming years.

Rea said aspects of the plan include forging strategic partnerships with businesses and neighborhoods in surrounding areas and facilitating safer and more efficient mobility on campus, among other initiatives.

Jeri Baker, assistant director of parking and transportation services, said UT plans to increase environmentally friendly forms of transportation on campus by encouraging students to ride bicycles, join carpool programs and ride Capital Metro buses when commuting to and from campus.

“It’s time for everyone to embrace the idea that having burnt orange blood on this campus is the same thing as bleeding green,” she said.


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