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SUMMERSIDE — Prince Edward Island is now Canada’s most electric-vehicle friendly province.

Eight 90-amp electric charging stations are now up and running across the Island with hopes to install more in the weeks and months to come, said the vice-president of the company behind the initiative.
“There will be 10 by the end of this week installed across P.E.I., strategically, generally 40 to 70 kilometres apart,” said Sun Country Highway’s Christopher Misch. “It means that an electric vehicle can now go across the Island. You can drive an electric car anywhere in P.E.I., making P.E.I. the most EV friendly province in all of Canada.”
Monday, representatives from the company pulled into Summerside in their Telsa Roadster, a vehicle far from the stereotypical electric car, as part of its initiative to build Canada’s electric vehicle infrastructure.
“We are partnering with businesses across Canada to launch certain areas. We need to get that done to get people to understand that it can be done,” said Misch. “If a small Canadian company, self-funded, can go out there and put their money where their mouth is and get it done, then we are willing to do that.”
The company wants to install charging stations throughout the country, whether it be at town halls, coffee shops or hotels, to ensure those driving electric vehicles will never have what Misch referred to as range anxiety.



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