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Santa Barbara Plug-In Day to Celebrate Benefits of Driving Electric

Sunday’s event will feature an EV parade, free ride-and-drives and a ribbon-cutting ceremony for new charging stations

Electric vehicle drivers, enthusiasts and local residents interested in new technology will attend Santa Barbara Plug-In Day from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Sunday to celebrate the clean-air benefits and cost savings of electric cars as part of the second annual National Plug-In Day.

The event, hosted by the Community Environmental Council and the City of Santa Barbara — will take place at the Santa Barbara Harbor parking lot, near Los Banos Pool.

Thirty electric vehicles will participate in an EV parade up State Street and will be showcased in a tailgate party, where local EV owners can mingle and attendees can ask questions about the network of public charging stations, the range of the vehicles and other details about the technology.

Local car dealers will provide test drives for the Chevrolet Volt, Nissan LEAF and Toyota Plug in Prius. There will also be a food truck, fun “electric avenue inspired music,” and informational displays.

“Electric vehicles are freeing Americans from the gas pump and volatile gas prices, and the word is getting out that they are more fun to drive,” said Michael Chiacos, transportation manager at the Community Environmental Council. “The Santa Barbara Plug-In Day event features cars that have driven tens of thousands of miles without any oil or gas, saving thousands of dollars, making driving more fun and slashing carbon pollution, air pollution and our dependence on oil.”


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