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Renault to trial wireless electric vehicle charging (WEVC)

Renault is going to challenge one of the key disadvantages of electric cars – by trialing a wireless charging system.

The system uses inductive charging technology, somewhat akin to that of inductive hobs used in contemporary kitchens. The idea is that a car can drive over an inductive charging mat and, as long as the charging point of the car is within 50cm of the mat, charging takes place using an electro-magnetic field to transfer the energy from the source to the battery. Pet owners can relax, the charging mats are entirely safe and will even operate if your moggy decides to curl up on it whilst it’s charging.

The wireless electric vehicle charging (WEVC) system is supplied by Qualcomm, which has spent years developing the technology. It is currently in use in some factory applications, for instance, where fork-lift-type vehicles are charged as they drive around the factory floor. In fact, there has even been a trial bus route in Turin where the buses are charged on the go.


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