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Poor-Mans Smart-Grid – Blackout Protection by UPS and Electric Motorcycle

A while back, the cheap battery charger I was using for my electric motorcycle went on the fritz. I decided to get creative to see if there was a way to not only get a great battery charger for FREE, but also increase the usefulness of my personal electric vehicle.

I came up with the concept of the “Poor-Man’s Smart Grid”

Read on to discover how I not only got a great new charger, but can power my detached garage or even my entire house in a blackout, directly from my electric vehicle.

But first, what IS the “Smart-Grid”

Please keep in mind that this project involves both both AC AND DC power, at potentially LETHAL voltages.
Persons unqualified and uncomfortable with household electrical should keep their hands out of the fusebox, and hire a professional to instal a backup generator system for them.

Electrical Code varies from one place to another. I make no claim on meeting code in your area.

Back-feeding power out to the grid during a blackout is illegal and highly dangerous. Any backup system must make use of “anti-islanding” technology. Connection to the grid MUST be disabled when running backup power.


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