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Plug In Day shows latest in electric vehicles

National Plug In Day was celebrated in El Segundo Sunday with a collection of electric cars and motorcycles at the Automobile Driving Museum. The roof of the Fisker Karma is made of solar panels. (Photo by Steve McCrank / Staff Photographer)

Last year, the inaugural Plug In Day event celebrating the virtues of the electric car was held in Santa Monica, a city famous for its commitment to sustainability.

On Sunday, the second annual event was held at the Automobile Driving Museum in El Segundo, a city known for its oil refineries.

If it sounds like a less-than-perfect fit, Zan Dubin-Scott, spokesperson for the clean-air advocacy group Plug In America, says that’s exactly the point.

“We don’t want to preach to the converted anymore,” she said. “We just got the opportunity to come to a gas-car museum. That’s exactly what we wanted.”

Regardless of the location, Sunday’s event was well attended, with hundreds of people coming out to admire, learn about and test drive electric vehicles from a wide range of manufacturers.

As salespeople gave pitches near parked vehicles in a lot, cars and motorcycles zoomed silently down the block and back, driven by curious consumers.

Avery Neaman of Glendale was impressed by the Nissan Leaf.

“It’s fast and it brakes well – it’s a real car, unlike some of the others that I won’t mention,” he said. “You gotta give it to Nissan, and to General Motors for doing what they did to the Volt. … You gotta give credit to the American manufacturers who are doing it.”

Are electric cars catching on with the American public?


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