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Perth powers up with Australian first car recharge network

Owning and operating an electric car in Perth just got easier.

Perth is the first Australian city to have an electric car recharge network.

The network, funded by the Federal Government currently has 19 recharge stations across 10 locations and will eventually have 23 recharge stations across 12 locations.
Electric vehicle charging station.

Perth is the first Australian city to have an electric car recharge network.

Project leader UWA Professor Thomas Braunl said previously owners of electric cars had to recharge their cars at home or make arrangements to recharge them somewhere else.

He said this often restricted their travel, as they had to think about where they were going, whether they would need to recharge their car at some point and if so, if there was an option for recharging.

The network uses recharge stations that reduce the average time to fully recharge a medium-sized electric passenger car from about 10 hours to three.

Professor Braunl said UWA road tests showed a single recharge would enable a converted Ford Focus electric car to travel about 130km and a Mitsubishi Leaf about 110km



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