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New website, DrivingElectric, aims to help ‘EV Curious’ become ‘EV Drivers’

DrivingElectric is a new online community aimed at connecting the “EV Curious” with “EV Drivers” to help prospective electric car owners choose to buy a plug-in car. The site was launched on Sunday, to correspond with National Plug-in Day, and is a partnership between major advocacy groups related to plug-in electric vehicles.

The organization makes a distinction between hybrid vehicles (HEV) and plug-in electric vehicles (PEV), that is about more than fuel efficiency. A vehicle you can plug in to recharge a battery pack, a plug-in electric vehicle (PEV), is the first step to freedom from fossil fuels. Whether your PEV is a plug-in hybrid, like the Chevy Volt, or an all electric vehicle, like the Nissan Leaf, driving on electricity coming from the electrical grid is freedom from fossil fuels and gasoline stations.

The core idea behind DrivingElectric is to get drivers talking with drivers. Specifically electric vehicle drivers can talk with other drivers, the ones poised to buy an electric car, and help ease concerns or answer questions these drivers have.

Some drivers are very close to buying a plug-in electric vehicle, and we might call them the “EV Curious.” They may be leaning towards buying an electric car, but not have no direct experience with plug-in electric cars, and a lot of questions. As Felix Kramer wrote in a blog post, “actual plug-in drivers are the best antidote” to the “misinformation and politicization” that some are using to tarnish electric vehicles.


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