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Luxury hybrid Cadillac ELR hitting streets in 2013

Car enthusiasts are abuzz this week following an announcement that Cadillac will soon roll out its new luxury, hybrid vehicle.

Cadillac, and its parent company GM, say they will introduce the Cadillac ELR plug-in in 2013. Marketing VP Don Butler says the car will make its official debut at Pebble Beach and will use a drive train that follows an evolution of the Chevrolet Volt‘s architecture. This could reportedly mean a more-efficient gas generator, more powerful electric motors, and more efficiency from front to back.

According to Christopher Demorro, automotive expert at, the Cadillac ELR could be a good move for GM. He writes: “The Chevy Volt is GM’s freshman effort at building a plug-in hybrid, and the company is reportedly set to break its sales record this month, though the Volt factory is also going offline for 4 weeks. It is still an up-or-down car, though a Cadillac version could be just what the doctor ordered.”


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