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Liberty Electric Cars Ltd. Renews Agreement with $15bn US Truck Manufacturer for the On-going Support of Electric Vehicles in Europe

NEWPORT BEACH, Calif. — Liberty Electric Cars Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Green Automotive Company (OTC:GACR), announced today that late last month it renewed its contract with one of America’s largest truck manufacturers to provide all aftermarket warranty support to its key electric vehicle (EV) customers in Europe.

Pursuant to the new agreement, Liberty will continue to take care of all warranty support as required by its client’s customers, most of whom operate fleets of electric commercial vehicles in Europe. The client’s customers include major companies such as FedEx, UPS and Veolia, who are using the first ground up electric trucks known as the “Modec,” an EV that was launched four years ago to make pollution-free deliveries in urban areas.

Recognizing the need for special skills, knowledge and equipment required to service and support the rapidly evolving EV market, Liberty created a special division, branded as Liberty E-Care and based in Coventry, England, in order to provide independent, highly qualified advice to businesses and individuals with electric vehicles. Over the last few years Liberty has steadily increased its staff with highly skilled engineers, equipped with new and unique diagnostic tools, experience in safe intervention for high voltage systems, and access to the right parts to affect quality repairs. Liberty has developed and acquired a great deal of information regarding repairs on EVs, including, issues such as the impact of charging types and cycles on battery life, the effect of temperature on vehicle performance, the cost of replacement parts, likely failure issues and repair costs and time, and the costs of conversion programs on several well-known internal combustion engine vehicles on the roads today, both in the UK, Europe and the US.

In Liberty’s fully-equipped Coventry and London facilities, the Liberty E-Care team can carry out all major warranty, servicing and repair work on electric vehicles, whether the customer requires a full service, fault diagnosis or mechanical repairs. In addition, Liberty carries an inventory of all key parts, and is able to provide a comprehensive range of upgrades and accessories to help improve and customise vehicles, helping ensure they remain in top condition and to help maintain their value.

Commenting on the renewal of the servicing agreement, Mr. Ian Hobday CEO of Liberty, said, “Thanks to our unique EV technologies, and relative long history and experience in servicing this new EV market, the renewal of our agreement with one of the world’s leading truck manufacturers is a strong indicator that Liberty is one of the key EV service providers in Europe. As a result of our historical on-time, cost-effective service we are able to meet the needs of our growing list of customers in the EV market.”

About Green Automotive Company: Green Automotive Company is a US public company involved in the Conversion, Import and Distribution of Eco-friendly vehicles. The Company is presently planning to bring All-Electric and other Eco-friendly vehicles into the United States market through a combination of converting piston engine vehicles and importing existing EV’s. The Company is currently involved in assessing a number of All-Electric and alternate fuel vehicles including an All-Electric Intra-City and Municipal Mass Transit Bus and School Bus, for introduction to the US market. GAC recently acquired Liberty Electric Cars Limited a UK based company that designs, develops, manufacturers and markets electric vehicle technologies for use in its own converted vehicles and for sale to OEM’s for incorporation into their production. It provides a full aftermarket program to electric vehicle users to ensure the longevity of their vehicles and has partnership arrangements in other European countries. The Liberty group of companies, can count on over 200 man years of experience in the Automotive industry and specifically 70 plus man years in the EV sector covering some 2,500,000 miles. Green Automotive Company maintains its Corporate Office in Newport Beach, California. Green Automotive Company shares are traded on the OTC Market Tier–OTC Pink Current under the symbol “GACR”. For more information visit or write to



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