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GM pays you $10,000 to buy a Chevy Volt

Sales of the Chevy Volt have increased recently, but it’s largely due to GM’s 25 percent discount on the electric vehicle, according to Consumer Energy Report.

United Auto Workers union member Carrie Attwood works on a Chevrolet Volt electric vehicle at General Motors plant in Hamtramck, Michigan in this file photo taken in July 2011. In order to boost sales, GM is offering a 25 percent discount on its electric Chevy Volt.

In an effort to spur on sales of its Volt, General Motors (GM) is now offering a full 25 percent discount on every one of the electric cars that sells in the United States.

Priced at $39,995, the Volt has seen sales pick up as of late, with a monthly record achieved by GM in August. With the thinking that Americans are willing to make their entrance into the electric vehicle market when prices allow for it, the company is banking on this latest discount to increase both the sales and popularity of their flagship electric vehicle. (See also: Will Range Anxiety Impact Electric Car Sales?)

The new discount comes in the form of low-interest financing and subsidized leases, leading to lease agreements requiring a monthly payment as low as $250.

With electric vehicles still accounting for only about 3.5 percent of American vehicles, the Volt and its competitors still have a long way to go in penetrating the market. With GM already losing thousands of dollars on every Volt they sell, the company wants this latest move to be seen as an effort to spread the word about a quality vehicle as opposed to a last ditch effort to sell a car unwanted by the public at large.


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