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First Video of Electric Audi R8 Shows All-Digital Instrumentation

The electric version of the Audi R8 supercar will be a star of the Paris motor show next week. I’ve already written about the car’s performance which is phenomenal since it’s the fastest road EV on the famous Nurburgring racetrack. All the specifications will be unveiled next Thursday, but today’s news is a video which shows the interior for the first time. The instrumentation is all-digital. There are two screens. One in the usual place, and another one the central console. This is totally different from the gas R8, and quite unexpected.
Electric Audi R8 instrumentation

Electric Audi R8 instrumentation

Am I an old guy? I prefer the standard analog gauges. I have yet to understand why, but it seems most car designers believe EV buyers are nerds who can’t take their eyes off their smartphones if it’s not to direct them to another screen. I guess it’s a trend that started in California, and is seen in the Tesla Model S.

The electric R8 doesn’t have a tachometer but a powermeter, like in a Rolls Royce, graduated 0 to 100. There’s no need for an engine temp gauge on an EV and there could be a battery temp gauge to replace it but there isn’t any. With speed and battery’s state-of-charge (SOC), that doesn’t make much information to display, and this may explain the choice of the digital instrumentation. But what about torque distribution between each axle—the car has all-wheel drive—or torque value at the wheels? EVs have never had much instrumentation, which is okay on a Nissan LEAF, but you can expect more on a high-end sports car like this one.


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