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FIA to launch Formula E in 2014: An All Electric car racing championship

Traditionally, cars have been powered by gasoline engines on the racing circuit. However, lately, other options have been tried and surprisingly, the results have been supportive. Audi Sport showed the world in 2006, when their diesel powered race car, R10 TDI won the the 24 Hours of Le Mans. The R10 TDI project costed Audi $15 million a year. Earlier this year, at the Le Mans, Audi Sport once again showed the world of racing that even hybrid cars can win you races. Taking these instances into consideration, it will not be long when we will see electric cars replacing the racing circuit.
FIA, the governing body of auto sport since 1904, has announced that they have reached upon an agreement with Formula E Holdings (FEH), the consortium pushing for an all electric car race. “I would like to thank all the parties involved”, said FIA president Jean Todt. “This new competition at the heart of major cities is certain to attract a new audience. This spectacular series will offer both entertainment and a new opportunity to share the FIA values and objectives of clean energy, mobility and sustainability with a wider and younger audience as well.”



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