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Europe: EEVC 2012 European Electric Vehicle Congress Brussels, 19 to 22 November 2012

Fostering Exchanges

The European Electric Vehicle Congress strengthens its position as global platform to foster exchange of views between the R&D actors, the industry, the authorities, the end-users and the NGO’s in the field of eMobility.

researchers, industry, authorities and NGO’s

As motivations and constraints are different for each of them, EEVC-2012 has the objective to help defining the most promising solutions to be selected, taking into account the research and development progresses, as well as the environmental and economical constraints.

Feedback from past and current experiences will also be discuseesd and analysed so that best practices & best ways for a daily introduction of eMobility could be identified.

The venue is again Brussels, so to ensure optimal connection with the representatives of the European Institutions that are considering Battery, Hybrid and Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles to play an important role to lower atmospheric pollution and to reduce oil dependency.

New mobility concepts, noise and health factors will also be issues to be discussed

The policy aspects will not be forgotten! In this respect, the day prior the Congress, a EU Project day will be organized to provide the audience with an overview of the different programs supported by the European Authorities (FP7, IEE, EUROSTAR, INTEREG, …) & related funded projects dealing with eMobility, so to identify possible actions, overlaps, synergies and/or gaps.



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