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Enough wind to provide global electricity for cars

As Professor Farnsworth would say in Futurama: “Good news everyone…” there is enough wind energy to provide electricity for the world.

And indeed, with this latest Carnegie research, Kate Marvel of Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory announced her team concluded we had enough electricity to meet the world’s demand of energy. This is no slim news and certainly rides on the tail of years of uncertainty complaining about the ill effects of petroleum and then eventual benefits of alternative energy.

Different Types Of Winds. No, we’re not talking about political rhetoric but actual different types of wind. Using models to determine surface and atmospheric winds, the team concluded that surface winds were defined as those that can be accessed by turbines supported by towers on land or rising out of the sea. On the contrary, high-altitude winds are those that can be accessed by technology merging turbines and kites, another promising technology for high yield energy.

Wind Energy, What A Drag. The problem with any liquid, gases and electricity is friction, drag and its loss of efficiency. Indeed, with capturing wind energy with turbines, you create a certain amount of drag which slows down the speed of the wind. In other words, there are only so many wind turbines you can put on a field before you slow down the wind to a non-usable speed. Finding the sweet spot was what the study focused on.



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