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CODA officially removes range anxiety with its production electric car

After a successful launch of CODA’s first electric car, we can say with certainty, this one is a winner. Find out more about CODA’s first all-electric car with our test drive.

CODA. CODA’s story is the perfect American entrepreneurial, turn startup company. In 2007, as Miles Rubens reads the papers, he complains about the environmental degradation, high price of petroleum and the uncertainties these points bring to our society. His wife asks him to stop complaining and do something about it. And that’s just what happened. By 2008 the company starting consulting as an energy management system and by 2009 CODA was up and running, working on its first electric car.
View slideshow: CODA takes away the Range Anxiewty with its electric car

After a manufacturing agreement with Hafei, China a joint venture agreement was also signed with Tianjin Lishen to manufacture the current CODA’s battery pack. CODA also started working with Energy CS, a young company working on a promising energy management system. In 2011, Phil Murtaugh, Chief Executive Officer joins the company and in 2012 starts negotiating an agreement with China Wall Motors, that eventually leads to memorandum of understanding, MOU. Quickly the company diversified into 4 groups. The main business focuses on battery application and transport, as well as stationary energy storage. In essence, CODA wants to put an EV in every garage.


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