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China Car Times BYD E6 Heads Off To Ministerial Duty in Beijing

byd keys govt 1024×682 BYD E6 Heads Off To Ministerial Duty in BeijingTwelve BYD E6 cars are heading their way to the Central Government in Beijing. BYD’s pure electric model has been selected by the Central Government for use within the higher echelons of govt as part of a pilot program to bring more green and new energy cars into use within the central government.

This pilot, led by Chinese government institutions, aims to promote the development of the Chinese new energy automobile industry, acting as a good demonstration for promoting the development of conservation-oriented organs. The institutions such as the Government Offices Administration of the State Council, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the Ministry of Science and Technology, after learning from the pilot demonstration, will coordinate with the relevant authorities to formulate incentive policies and measures for new energy government cars. Later, the range of departments in the pilot will gradually be enlarged to increase the ratio of new energy government cars in use and to expand their use in the governments car sector.


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