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Canada: New electric car charging stations set up in Surrey

The City of Surrey has received a $56,000 grant from the Provincial Government to help build 14 new level-two electric vehicle (EV) charging stations.

“It’s important to build viable energy infrastructure in order to support the growing demand for alternative fuel vehicles,” said Mayor Dianne Watts. “Surrey’s new charging stations will give electric vehicle drivers more freedom and flexibility to move throughout the city and the region.”

The City is also taking part in a new Metro Vancouver program to establish a network of 75-150 charging stations throughout the region, in collaboration with the private sector.

“Expanding the market for electric vehicles will go a long way to improving air quality in Metro Vancouver and ensuring more sustainable transportation options. In order to do that, we have to make it considerably easier for drivers to access the power they need,” says Councillor Marvin Hunt, Chair of the Investment and Innovation Committee.

The charging stations will be built at seven civic locations across Surrey:

Ocean Park Library – 1 station

Surrey Museum – 1 station

Surrey Arts Centre – 1 station

Surrey Sport and Leisure – 1 station

Guildford Recreation Centre – 1 station

New City Hall – 8 charging stations: 3 Public and 5 Fleet

Existing City Hall – 1 station


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