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Asia: First Thailand Orders for Long-range BYD e6 EV

One of Thailand’s top power companies, Metropolitan Electricity Authority (MEA), placed orders for 3 long-range, all-electric, 5-passenger BYD e6s and charging pedestals. This is BYD’s first new energy vehicle business in Thailand, opening a new country for global business expansions. MEA is one of the three largest power companies in Thailand providing power for the capital Bangkok and two other large provinces and is promoting the development of electric vehicle industries in Thailand. At present, very few electric vehicles are available in Thailand and MEA was very impressed that BYD had over 300 electric taxis operating in Shenzhen starting 2 and a half years ago with an accumulated range of over 24,380,000 kilometers (over 14.6 million miles). High level MEA executives stated, “We have seen that BYD is a very pragmatic company and is benefiting all mankind with their focus on electrified vehicle development … Cooperation with BYD reflects our common vision – we will keep very close to BYD in promoting the development of electric vehicle, energy storage, and solar power industries in Thailand.”



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