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What A Plug-In Hybrid Does

It’s no secret plug-in hybrids are becoming more and more interesting to weary buyers anxiously seeing gasoline prices fluctuating. Plug-in hybrids, PHEV offer the best of both worlds but what exactly are they?

If hybrids are an almost common sight on our roads today, plug-in hybrids are barely hitting the market. A logical continuation of hybrids, a plug-in hybrid, as its names implies allows you to recharge the electric battery pack and drive on electricity only. But not all plug-in hybrids are made the same.

The EREV vs PHEV Debate. History will probably look back on the silly marketing stunt redefining a plug-in hybrid as an “extended range electric vehicle”, or in Fisker’s case, “Electric Vehicle Extended Range”, EVER and the copious amount of confusion it has created in the minds of potential buyers. But plug-in hybrid, the technical term designed to encompass two sources of energy using a rechargeable battery pack come in different drivetrains.


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