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USA:The Engadget Show 35: EVs in Portland, hacked bicycles and a Tesla Model S test drive

With a transportation themed episode, it only seemed natural to take the Engadget Show out of our traditional digs — it was also a great excuse to visit one of our favorite cities in the world: Portland, Oregon. We drove Mitsubishi’s i-MiEV EV around the Northwestern green mecca, stopping at some great PDX spots along the way, including the amazing Ground Kontrol arcade, Hand-Eye Supply and the hackerspace, Brain Silo. We also took the time to speak to some PDX residents, including Core77 co-founder Eric Ludlum and some local modders showing off their homebrew projects.

Also, Brian travels out to Boston to ride along with a gang of bike hackers, Myriam takes the Tesla Model S for a spin around the streets of San Francisco and Michael does his best not to fall off the DTV Shredder in the California desert. And, as always, we got a pile of the month’s latest and greatest gadgets, including the Google Nexus 7, Hasbro’s new Lazer Tag guns and a quick trip around OS X Mountain Lion. Also: comic books, donuts and plenty of EV road trip shenanigans. Click through the break to tune in!

Hosts: Tim Stevens, Brian Heater
Guests: Eric Ludlum, Brain Silo, Myriam Joire, Michael Gorman
Producer: Ben Harrison, Rob Samala
Executive Producers: Brian Heater, Joshua Fruhlinger and Michael Rubens

Download the Show: The Engadget Show – 035 (HD) / The Engadget Show – 035 (iPod / iPhone / Zune formatted) / The Engadget Show – 035 (Small)


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