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USA: Wind Powered Electric Cars Becoming More Of A Reality

Wind power is becoming a more viable energy source and is being favored to power electric cars. As wind turbines become more affordable, will you plant one on to your house to recharge your electric car?

There was a time when enthusiastically we spoke of electric cars powered by sunlight and wind energy. No, this wasn’t the sixties, this was 2007 when the old petroleum world looked doomed without any chance of a comeback. Solar panels weren’t, and still aren’t energy dense enough to recharge a battery pack practically and quickly enough to drive your electric car and wind power… well, that’s another story.

Alternative Energy By The Numbers. By 2010, we had more than 40,000 megawatts of land-based wind power, enough to serve more than 9.65 million homes and avoid the annual emissions of 83.5 million tons of carbon dioxide. Offshore wind farms promise even more electricity. Costs have already fallen down and continue to do so. The US Department of Energy feels the cost of land-based wind energy can come down another 18%, with the cost of offshore wind energy down by 63% by 2020. Finally, according to the latest numbers, wind energy accounts to almost 60% of our alternative energy.


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