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USA: We want *YOU* for the Sunnyvale Parade Saturday August 25th

We now have the parade information packet from the City of Sunnyvale.
Please *email *me at if
you would like to be one of the TEN Leafs in
the 100th Anniversary Parade. Our electric vehicle club is representing

The details:
* Check in time is *no later than 8:45 am *(roads will be closed at 9
am). Shoot for 8:30.
* Our *staging time is 10:24 am* so lots of time to add your decorations
* The parade route is one mile, from Fremont HS to Sunnyvale Community
Organizers state the parade route will take 45 minutes to cover as
we will move
at a walking pace (great for your mi/kWh rate).
* You can park your vehicle for display at the Community Center if you wish.
* There will be a parade MC introducing each parade group as units
approach the
Community Center.
* If you’re coming a long way we can help point you to nearby charging.
The Nissan
dealer is very near the Community Center. Closest QC is Stanford Mall.

We are allowed ten vehicles in the parade. Be ONE of them and help
spread the
word on our amazing electric vehicles!

Please email even if you have already told me you wish to be part of the
parade. I
will send you the *parade packet* so you have all information on where
to meet,
when, and parade rules.

We also would like someone to video our group. Great job for a family

Questions, decorating suggestions, comments… email me! See you on the

We are still waiting to hear from the city about whether we can have an
booth as well. *Gary Lieber *will be following up on that aspect.


Maddi Hausmann Sojourner
Source San Francisco BayLeafs


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