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USA: University Of Michigan Solar Car Shines Brightly In Competition

by Nino Marchetti
The world of green transportation technologies as relates to the optimism and excitement of college students building these ideals of the open road continues to impress. Even as Virginia Tech students were getting ready to race their custom built electric motorcycle at Laguna Seca, counterparts at the University of Michigan were busy winning another solar powered vehicle competition.

I say another because the University of Michigan Solar Car Team pulled off in late July its fourth consecutive national championship at the American Solar Car Challenge (ASCC), which just also happens to be their seventh overall for this event. The ASCC is described as an eight-day, biennial 1,650-mile competition for solar-powered vehicles from 18 schools that this time around started July 14 in Rochester, New York, and ended July 21 in St. Paul, Minnesota.

The Michigan team, besides continuing to dominate with the number of wins they achieved, also broke the national record they had previously set, winning by 10 hours and 18 minutes over its nearest competitor, according to the university


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