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USA: U.S. House and Senate approve Kildee’s electric vehicle recharging station bill

WASHINGTON, D.C. – The U.S. House and Senate unanimously approved a bill to establish electric car battery charging stations in parking areas of the House of Representatives, as proposed by State Representative Dale E. Kildee, D-Flint.
The legislation, H.R. 1402, will now go to the White House for President Obama’s approval.
“I am very pleased that the House and Senate unanimously approved my bill today to install electric vehicle recharging stations in the House of Representatives,” Kildee said in a press release.
“My bill will not only encourage more House employees and members of Congress to switch to electric vehicles, but it will also reduce our dependence on foreign oil and promote the expansion of battery recharging stations across the country.”
David Holtz, Kildee’s executive director, said that although Kildee does not drive or own an electric vehicle himself, he pushed the bill in support of the Flint area.
“The major emphasis was to support the Flint area,” Holtz said. “The Flint plant builds the backup engines for the Chevy Volt and does a lot with electric car manufacturing, so Rep. Kildee’s goal was to not only help spur the local economy, but also to promote electric vehicle use around the nation.”


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