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USA: Think’s Indiana Factory To Soon Close

It was just 20 months ago that, Barry Engle, CEO of Think, told, “There’s an opportunity for American manufacturers to reassert ourselves and be at the forefront of electric vehicle production.” But the picture in August 2012 tells a completely different story—one that reveals that powering a car with an electric motor does not magically make it a success in the marketplace.

CBS News recently visited the Think manufacturing site in Indiana. The scene is no longer the ideal background photo opp of factory workers churning out electric Think City vehicles. Rather, two workers were there putting the finishing touches on the last couple of dozen Think City electrics that would soon roll out the doors.

The production site, which according to rosy projections was to employ 400 workers and produce 20,000 vehicles a year, never fulfilled its promise. Now in its fourth bankruptcy, Think Global has been bought by a Russian investor who apparently has little interest in reviving Think’s site in Indiana.

CBS casts the story of Think’s demise as an Obama administration boondoggle. The project to move Think production to Indiana was fully supported by Republican Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels, who gushed with support of the maker of a tiny plastic-body EV. “We believe that the coming era of electric cars, like the Think City, will find its home here in Indiana,” he said.


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