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USA: The EV Project Revs up with Free Blink Charging Stations

The EV Project is an ambitious public-private partnership to help build an EV charging network for the U.S. electric vehicle market, and it just got a big push from the electric transportation leader ECOtality. The company, which heads up The EV Project, has just announced that it is offering its Blink® EV charging stations for free to qualified customers in greater Philadelphia and Atlanta.

Aside from the benefits to individual EV drivers, the offer of free charging stations could become a boon for commercial fleet managers seeking to lower their carbon emissions, especially for fleets in which drivers have take-home privileges.

Fleet management and electric vehicles
For many fleets, the transition to electric vehicles involves the relatively simple matter of installing EV charging stations at company-owned garages and parking lots.

For fleets in which employees have the privilege of parking their vehicles at home, the transition is much more complicated. Take-home vehicles can have numerous benefits, such as cutting down on end-of-shift time spent returning vehicles to a garage, but fleet managers who want to transition to electric vehicle technology have to weigh the pluses against the logistics of ensuring that the vehicles can be recharged at the employee’s home.

ECOtality’s new initiative could help swing the decision in favor of electric vehicles by reducing the cost of purchasing and installing new EV charging stations.


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