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USA; Tesla Motors: Sales Surprise

Tesla Motors: Model S
Unlike most car manufacturers, Tesla Motors distributes its sales and production data irregularly. Even at that, when the company’s executives decide to release Tesla’s latest statistics, they typically provide clear, comprehensive reports. Such is the case with this past week’s announcement by Tesla Motors, which included reams of production, sales, delivery, and deposit information.
Tesla Motors: Roadster
Car reviews typically include statistics about a vehicle’s speed, fuel type, engine size, and acceleration capability from zero to 60 mph. Rarely do you get to see the visual, namely an actual car, in this case a Tesla Roadster, driving from a stand-still up to 60 mph. The video clip below does just that, so fasten your seat belts and get ready to ride in a sleek Tesla Roadster. Drive safely!

Tesla Motors: News
Since Tesla began deliveries of its popular Model S in late June, 50 cars have been built, and 29 of those are on their way to customers. In contrast to those small parameters, Tesla Motors has collected 12,200 deposits for the S. While the automaker is only able to build between 10 and 20 vehicles per week currently, in the near future that rate of production will increase considerably.
One of the official goals of Tesla Motors is to deliver 5,000 cars this year, and company executives are standing by that promise. For 2013, Tesla intends to deliver twice as many of the new electric Model S automobiles, for a total of 10,000 units. According to the company, the initial 50 cars it produced have traveled more than 40,000 miles, though much of that total includes test-drive mileage. Tesla Motors regularly updates data about its sales, production, and other relevant news at its website.


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