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USA: Tesla Builds 100th Model S, But Production Rate Still Far From Goals

That may not seem like a lot, but it’s an indication that the electric car company is — as it said in a blog post Tuesday announcing the milestone — starting to ramp up production.

Palo Alto-based Tesla’s last production update came about a month ago, when it announced its second quarter results. At that point, the company had made 40 cars total and had delivered none to customers other than the first 10 it delivered in a highly publicized “launch” event on June 22.

That means the company has increased the total number of Model S vehicles it has made to date by 150 percent. Tesla made about 60 cars in less than a month, or about two a day.

When I met with Tesla officials in mid-July before test driving the Model S, they said the company was making between one and two day. So two a day is a modest increase from even then.

Investors and industry watchers have been keenly focused on Tesla’s production numbers. The money-losing company has set some ambitious production goals that it has to reach in order to start operating in the black. The company’s plan is to be profitable next year when it expects to be in full production of the new sedan.



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