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USA: Solar powered electric car charging from Princeton Satellite Systems

Princeton Satellite Systems has developed an integrated solar powered electric car charging station for off-the-grid electric car charging.

The common “wouldn’t it be cool” idea with electric cars is to use solar or wind power. It’s not practical to directly power an electric car from solar or wind power, because for example there isn’t enough surface area on a typical car for solar panels to make anything more than a pittance of power. What will work is to integrate stationary renewable electricity systems with an electric car charging station. Princeton Satellite Systems announced on Friday an electric car charging station integrated with a stationary solar power system.

The company claims the SunStation is the first 100% green charging station for electric vehicles, because all power comes from the Sun. The SunStation has a built-in battery pack that enables recharging electric cars 24 hours a day, even when the Sun has set. It provides a 240 volt charging voltage for charging an electric car at it’s normal rate, namely the Nissan Leaf in 8 hours, a Chevy Volt in 4 and a Toyota Prius Plugin Hybrid in 1.5.


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