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USA: So, what’s been happening with Evatran recently?

Another month has passed, but not without exciting developments from the team behind Plugless Power wireless EV charging technology!

As the 2012 London Olympics get into full swing, we can’t help but get caught up in the competition. Impressed by the inspiring performances from world-class athletes, we look forward to the competition heating up in our own space – the wireless charging market for electric vehicles. With each passing day, interest in the space grows, electric vehicles gain more momentum, and we get closer to the production launch of our aftermarket wireless charging system for the Nissan LEAF and the Chevy Volt.
Production and Supply Chain Preparations

Over the past month, our attention has turned to the production preparations for our aftermarket charging systems. With limited production beginning in December 2012, the team is working overtime to set up our Supply Chain with a focus on domestic and local vendors. We are in the process of finalizing production vendors for enclosures, as well as for a number of subsystems and electrical components. We have also turned up the focus on production documentation and have contracted with a few local firms in Raleigh to assist with these efforts. By September 15th, we will have released our production design to our contracted vendors and will turn our attention to preparations for our production site in Wytheville, Virginia. We have already started to set up the production team in Wytheville, anticipating a number of management and direct labor positions opening up over the next 12 months.
Early Feedback from Apollo Trial Participants

As released in a press statement during July, we have completed our first Apollo installations with commercial partners, Hertz, Duke Energy, and Clemson University. Since that time, we have been working on the three remaining installations and will be announcing news on those partners shortly. The first three systems have now been in use for as long as nine weeks. Our partners have provided us with invaluable feedback, and our team has reacted quickly with updates and tweaks to the system to make it more user friendly. At this point, our partners are pleased with the convenience that Plugless Power adds to their daily routines. The wireless technology has allowed drivers to avoid the plug-in process each morning before departing for the day and each afternoon upon return. Through their use of the system and candid feedback, we have pulled together the changes that must be executed for production and look forward to providing our partners with an updated, production system.
DOE Grant Status

As mentioned in June’s email update, Evatran has submitted an application to the DOE under its $12M Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA) for wireless electric vehicle charging. The three year proposed project included both a large automobile manufacturer and a domestic Tier 1 supplier. At this point, we have not received any feedback from the DOE outside of a confirmation in July that we had met the technical requirements during the organization’s preliminary review. Our application is currently in the comprehensive evaluation process and we will update our followers as soon as a response is received.
In case you missed them, here are links to our two July announcements:
Plugless Power Installed With Hertz, Clemson University, and Other Apollo Partners
SPX Service Solutions To Trial Plugless Power™ Wireless Charging On Chevrolet Volt Electric Vehicle
Please let us know if you have questions for next month’s email update and also remember that we post daily news on our social media pages (see links below).
As always, thank you for your support and CHARGE ON!

The Evatran Team


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