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USA: Nissan LEAF electric vehicle 2013 launch in Puerto Rico: 1st in Latin America, Zero Emissions, Zero Excise Taxes

Nissan Motor Company has announced that their new 2013 Nissan LEAF is ready for Puerto Rican markets in January. Nissan Motor Company and Government of Puerto Rico have signed a memorandum of understanding to project electric vehicles in the country and hence Nissan LEAF which is a 100% electric vehicle and a bestselling model all across the globe is staking its claim in the country where it will be present in all company showrooms.
Nissan LEAF was first introduced in 2010 and ever since its launch has received its fair share of attention due to the fact of it being a competent and high performing electric vehicle. It gained in importance in markets of Europe and US where both private and public organizations also came up in support by setting up proper infrastructure facilities. Now Puerto Rico is being offered these all electric Nissan LEAF wherein an initial supply of 150 vehicles will be launched early next year.
This will bring about clean transportation and new technology to the island. Nissan LEAF will be assembled at the company plant in Smyrna, Tenn. To enable production and to increase capacities, Nissan has taken a loan of $1.4 billion through the US Department of Energy so as to enable production of Nissan Leaf and its battery pack in the US. To ensure better sales, the Puerto Rico Government is also in the process of offering a 65% excise tax cut to buyers of all hybrid and plug-in vehicles and 100% exemption on complete electric vehicles till 2016.


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