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USA: National Plug In Day

National Plug In Day
September 23, 2012 at 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
This event requires registration:
Plug in Electric Vehicles are here!
We’re throwing a party across the country to celebrate on the second annual National Plug In Day on Sunday, September 23, 2012. Local events organized jointly by Plug In America, Electric Auto Association, Sierra Club and Electric Vehicle Advocates are taking place across the country.
Focus this year is on getting Non-EV Drivers the chance to experience driving electric so many events will be featuring Ride & Drives of the latest Electric Vehicles.
Events are taking on all shapes and forms – parades, EV rallys, talks by local officials and special award presentations.
Join the fun and invite your friends and family! If your business is in the EV space – be sure contact your local event organizers to learn how you can support the event – you’ll be glad you did.
Your assignment to make this event as successful and far reaching as possible:
1) Click here on LinkedIn to indicate you are attending. This will let all of your LinkedIn connections know you are supporting National Plug In Day.
2) Visit and register for an event near you:
3) Share this event with all of your friends, family, social and business networks, groups on LinkedIn – with anyone who with listen!
4) Contact the local sponsoring organizations and get involved. They are sure to welcome more volunteers.
EV Drivers know that once you’ve driven Electric it is hard to consider anything else! Take this opportunity to share the EV Grin around the planet to make it a better place for all.
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Event Organizer: Paul Stith (Cloud | Security | Electric Vehicles | Smart Grid)


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