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USA: Move To Install Charging Stations Still Not Charging Ahead

SAN DIEGO — Two years ago, we heard that San Diego County would be on the receiving end of a large federal grant to install up to 1,500 electric car charging stations for vehicle owners to use.

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Credit: Courtesy of Ecotality
Above: Ecotality wants to install 1,000 charging stations, like this Blink 240-volt model, in San Diego County. But finding places to put them has been harder than they expected.
But the process of installing them has fallen at least a year behind schedule, and electric car drivers are being asked to be patient.

The EV Project is being run by a San Francisco-based company called Ecotality, which is managing a U.S. Department of Energy grant to install charging stations in many American cities, including San Diego.

The number of charging stations for San Diego has lately dropped to a more modest goal of 1,000, which were supposed to be completely installed by the end of 2011. But so far, Ecotality has only managed to create 220.


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