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USA: Made some new Friends at EAA Silicon Valley Chapter

Well, I’ve saved over $1400 in gas money driving my MR2 EV. The EV Club has been up since 7/15/2012 and has now over 50 members and 33 EVs. I’ve also donated my first month’s gas savings of $124.99 to a member, though the winner hasn’t claimed it yet.

This past weekend, I shared my conversion notes with the Silicon Valley Chapter’s Electric Auto Association. Here are the slides: Mr2 EV conversion notes

Also, here is a Spec sheet for my MR2 EV

The folks at EAASV gave me some really good feedback on the EV Club that I’ll be working on over the next few months. One of the owners of a green Tesla Roadster even offered to give me a ride in my dream car!

The trip down to Cupertino from Castro Valley was the farthest (88 miles total) that I’ve been away from home with my EV (and I made a couple of wrong turns on the trip, which added to the number of miles total). It definitely pushed the limits of the range of the EV. I did not have enough charge to get home without charging at some public charging stations, luckily there are plenty of these ChargePoint stations around.

Charging took me longer than anticipated because my Manzanita Micro PFC30M Charger was acting up this past week. It would not take a charge of more than 10amps. Any amp settings above 10amp will cause it to start oscillating. Here’s a video of it:

Looks like I will need to sent it in for repairs… I am a bit disappointed at the unreliability of this expensive charger.

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One Response to “Made some new Friends at EAA Silicon Valley Chapter”

Doug Brentlinger says:
August 21, 2012 at 7:38 PM
Thank you very much for your presentation at the EAA on Saturday. It was excellent! I helped with an MR2 conversion some years ago and it was also very nice, but, against my recommendations, he did a clutchless conversion, which didn’t work very well. I needed to leave soon after the meeting, the woman that I brought is pregnant and needed to get back home. She is from China and is here to have her child in the US to give it more options. I would like to see your car sometime, if we can arrange a visit.
doug 510-304-5001


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