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USA; Electric car tour stops in Paramus to charge up at Bergen Community College

To drum up support for President Obama’s new fuel efficiency standards for cars and light trucks, which would require an average 54.4 miles per gallon by 2025, environmentalists in New Jersey staged an electric car tour Thursday which included a stop at a charging station in a parking lot on the Bergen Community College campus in Paramus.

Chris Neff of Mendhamcharges his car at an electric charging station in parking lot A on the campus of Bergen County Community College .
They were joined by state Assemblyman Tim Eustace of Maywood and his new electric Nissan Leaf. Eustace said he plans to take his Leaf on a ride to Trenton soon, now that the State House parking lot has been equipped with electric chargers. He could make the 70-mile trip with a three-hour charge from the special charging outlet he had installed at his house.

“As the owner of a plug-in electric vehicle, I welcome President Obama’s forward-looking standards when it comes to fuel efficiency,” Eustace said. “Now, as more Americans discover than an electric car is more affordable and better for our health and environment, we must be ready with infrastructure to support these vehicles.”

New Jersey now ranks 18th among states with electric vehicle charging stations, with 84. California is first, with 1,718. New York has 367. “We certainly can catch up. We expect to see the number of charging stations to increase dramatically in New Jersey over the next few years,” said Doug O’Malley, interim director of Environment New Jersey.

A number of bills are pending in the state legislature to promote the development of infrastructure for electric vehicles. One would direct installation of electric vehicle charging stations at service areas along New Jersey’s toll roads. The bill has not moved out of committee; similar legislation passed the Assembly last year but never got out of the Senate.


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