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USA: Charged 2012: EV Symposium Silicon Valley on August 23 and 24 hosted by SAP in Palo Alto.

Charged: Electric Vehicle Symposium is a two-day conference that will take place Thursday, August 23rd – Friday August, 24th.

Charged 2012 comes at a pivotal point for electric vehicles as they go from early adoption stages to implementation phases and beyond! This two day conference will zero-in on what’s happening now and follow new developments on the horizon.

With a mix of keynote speakers, including Ray Lane of Kleiner Perkins, Charged 2012 will feature plenary sessions, best practices, and hands on workshops, designed to drive solutions that will enable mass adoption.

Check out some of our key topics and speakers!

o Ray Lane, managing partner at venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins, will speak onstage with Carl Guardino, President and CEO of the Silicon Valley Leadership Group. They will discuss the industry’s transition from “early adopter” to “fast follower.” From the venture capital perspective, what will it take to accomplish this transition and bring the market to scale?

o The automakers are embracing EVs. Hear directly from automakers about the market and their strategy for reaching a broad audience.

o From President Obama’s EV Everywhere Plan to Governor Brown’s executive order, major electric vehicle milestones are in place. Hear from high-level representatives from all levels of government about how California will retain its leadership position in electric vehicles and achieve established milestones.

o Panel sessions delve into workplace charging, smart parking & charging, how the electric vehicle is leading the way for connected cars and cities, charging in multiple-unit dwellings, and the next wave of charging – from DC fast charging, to wireless, and more!


Networking Reception
Ride-and-Drive/Display Opportunities
EV Readiness Awards (Community, Business, Development)

Speakers and Participants:

Nancy Ryan, Deputy Executive Director – California Public Utilities Commission
Bob Nalbandian, Northern California Fleet Manager – FritoLay
Noam Bardin, CEO – Waze
Jay Friedland, Legislative Director – Plug In America
Jon Dooley, Senior Associate – PEW Clean Energy Program
Please check back for more details coming soon.


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