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USA: [BayLEAFs Announce] Call for Participants

Call for participants for TV-Toyko filming. We need lots of EV drivers as Mr. Ryota MURAKAMI would like to film lots of EVs and EV drivers doing charging at the charging stations. There will be 3 locations as listed in the following time. We need one or two persons per station as a contact person. The contact person will be given a local cell phone number for Mr. Ryota MURAKAMI and will responsible for arranging EV drivers for charging session, explaining the stations, etc. etc. I will also need your cell phone numbers so to give to Mr Ryota MURAKAMI.

Aug 9 filming schedule is as follow, [name] indicates person in charge
9:00AM Crissy Field [Marc Geller]
11:00AM Blink QC charging station at Belmont [need volunteer(s)]
12:30PM Stanfor shopping mall [need volunteer(s)]

Questions in which you will be asked (cut and pasted from his message):
Does it require prepaid cards or any $$ for using public chargers?
If it charges, how much does it cost?
How many energy units do you need and how much will it cost to charge it?
How SF BayLEAF member (you) checks the nearest charging station using IT technology.
What is your range ?
They would like to know real lives of electric vehicles users in U.S.A.
Where is the most far point where you ever visited on electric vehicle from your house?
How American users think of ‘(long) distance’ (what is “long distance” mean to you?)
How do you do when you want to visit another states ,for example, like Las Vegas ?

Lastly, Mr. Ryota MURAKAMI welcomes other filming ideas. Please make your suggestions at the SF BayLEAF meet tomorrow 8/5; or email your availability and suggestions to

Waidy Lee
Source SF BayLeafs


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