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UK: Nissan Leaf: Final report

During its 10 months on our fleet, there’s been a clutch of staff waiting to drive our Nissan Leaf

Form an orderly queue… The Nissan Leaf is one of the most in-demand cars on the Auto Express fleet, even though we test such a wide variety of new models every week.

Since it arrived in October, there’s always been a rush to grab the keys – and now the car is leaving our fleet, it’ll be missed. As a quick, cheap and relaxing way of getting about a major city, the Leaf has won plenty of friends in the Auto Express office.

“It’s simple to drive and quiet,” says picture editor Dawn Grant, who has a round trip commute of 18 miles from her home in west London. “It makes you think you’re doing your bit for the environment and I love the fact I don’t have to go to a petrol station.”

Even more of a fan is art director Darren Wilson. He adds: “I love the Leaf because it doesn’t cost me a penny. I live around eight miles away in Crystal Palace and the car prevents me having to pay the £10-a-day London Congestion Charge to get into the office. There’s no range anxiety, either. It just drives like a real car.”


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