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U.S.-China Energy Standardization Workshop covers electric vehicles.

August 1, 2012 – Held on July 23, 2012 in Beijing, workshop organized by China Association for Standardization (CAS) and ANSI offered insight on electric vehicle standardization in both China and U.S. Speakers included Joe Bhatia of ANSI, Craig Allen of U.S. DOC, and Ma Lincong, Secretary General of CAS. Event also featured presentation, Standardization Roadmap for Electric Vehicles Version 1.0, by Jim McCabe of ANSI, and overview of Chinese roadmap for electric vehicle standardization, by Zhou Rong (CAS).

Press release date: July 30, 2012

International Experts Exchange Insights on Electric Vehicles

New York – A day-long workshop organized by the China Association for Standardization (CAS) and the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) focusing on new energy standardization – and specifically electric vehicles – was held July 23, 2012, in Beijing. The bilateral workshop provided a unique opportunity for experts from both sides to learn about EV standardization efforts taking place in the other country.

Sponsored by Generations (Beijing) Management Co., Ltd., and SPX Mechanical and Electrical Products (Suzhou) Co., Ltd., the workshop’s featured speakers included ANSI president and CEO Joe Bhatia; Craig Allen, deputy assistant secretary for Asia, U.S. Department of Commerce (DOC); Ma Lincong, secretary general of CAS; and Shi Baoquan, vice administrator of the Standardization Administration of China (SAC).

The workshop included a presentation from Jim McCabe, ANSI senior director, standards facilitation, on the Standardization Roadmap for Electric Vehicles, Version 1.0, released by ANSI’s Electric Vehicles Standards Panel (EVSP) in April 2012. Zhou Rong of the China Automotive Technology & Research Center (CATARC) presented an overview of the Chinese roadmap for electric vehicle standardization. Several other members of the ANSI EVSP made presentations, as did representatives from Chinese companies and national laboratories.

“ANSI is eager to deepen our relationship with Chinese experts, and to increase cooperation that will enhance development, improve the environment, and allow important technologies like electric vehicles to take root and thrive,” Mr. Bhatia said.

The workshop presentations may be requested from Elise Owen, ANSI director, international development (; 202.331.3624).


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